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A carefully designed waterfront hotel for a modern urban retail development

Intu Lakeside

Thurrock Lakeside, Greater London

Hospitality & Hotels

This new 74-bedroom hotel sits on the side of Alexandra Lake as part of the Intu Lakeside development on the outskirts of Greater London. A key social and economic hub for the local area, the site already incorporated a large shopping centre, cinema, restaurants, bars and other leisure destinations.

The architectural design is based on the concept of a wooden boat house – an elevated timber section is perched above a double height, glazed lower section with angled supporting legs that echo moored boat masts. The colour palette and materials were chosen to harmonise with the environment and further enhance the architectural concept.

Careful thought was given to external landscaping, public space and pedestrian routes around the hotel to encourage exploration by both hotel guests and the public. The outdoor terrace links seamlessly into the existing boardwalk, providing direct access to shops and other amenities. A public green space adjacent to the hotel links with a new pedestrian walkway linking the shopping centre, retail park and the lakeside. A mix of soft landscaping, indigenous trees, native shrubs, ferns and plants reflect the character of the wider landscape.

By improving the design of the waterfront, opening up new views of the lake and improving public access between previously separate areas of the site, our design successfully brings together the entire development and helps to confirm the identity of LSC as an attractive, modern, truly ‘lakeside’ destination.

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