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Three Stores


A store refit programme with over 270 work streams and implementation in 190+ stores across the UK

A.S. Watson


Leisure & Retail

Since 2011 JWA has implemented our new interior design concept in over 190 Three stores across the UK, from The Strand London to Meadowhall Sheffield.

The store design is focused on customer engagement. Multiple screens and 'Instagram' style photo montages create an inviting, energetic lifestyle feel, whilst the layout encourages interaction. Mobile and tablet devices are arranged on pods. There is no fixed till area - instead, several booths and seating areas allow staff to move freely around the store with customers.

Each store demands a slightly different approach in order to combine the correct merchandising mix with the key elements of the concept to achieve the best possible customer experience.

We work closely with both Three and the property team at A.S. Watson to bring each store to life. Our service starts with measured survey and progresses through scheme design, tender and construction, including support to site, taking in both statutory and design approvals and coordination along the way.

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