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caterham f1


A refurbishment project requiring a deft touch to satisfy challenging criteria

Caterham F1

Leafield, Oxfordshire

Offices & Work Spaces

The Caterham F1 headquarters refurbishment presented a challenging set of criteria to design to. Originally built by British Telecommunications Plc, the building later became home to the Arrows racing team. Constructed using many locally sourced materials, the design is typical of local architectural style of the Cotswolds.

Current owners, the Caterham Formula 1 Team, decided it was time for an update. The building was already occupied and operational so the design needed to be carefully phased to minimise disruption.

Building services were off the pace by today’s standards, therefore the proposals sought to capitalise on the existing resources and topography of the site; a large formal pond, space for a ground source heat pump and scope for natural ventilation and cooling.

The concept caters for all this and more. The outside of the building was to be treated to several carefully considered additions, designed to provide points of focus for visitors without generating significant visual impact for neighbouring properties. Most importantly though, it further developed the Caterham Group’s aspiration for open door policy as well as an inclusive and engaging visitor experience.

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