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Barnes Close


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Private Client

Old, Northamptonshire


This new build contemporary home was designed with due consideration to the issues of site context and history, as it was previously the location of an old farmhouse.

Located on the edge of the village adjacent to working farmland, the building utilises a structural steel frame and curved barrel vault roof, reminiscent of Dutch barns. Douglas Fir cladding wraps the upper floor whilst the ground floor is fully glazed on three sides with a variety of sliding panels to create a strong connection between inside and outside spaces.

Dry construction techniques were used throughout the building, allowing for future flexibility in internal arrangements and reducing time and labour costs on site. Materials and services were sourced within a 40-mile radius wherever possible to minimise embodied energy, and of course all materials were recyclable.

The interior design took its cue from the distinctive architectural approach, in particular the need to create continuity between the internal and external spaces. Timber flooring runs continuously along the glazed facades to echo the external decking and blur the boundary between the garden and the house.

A limited palette of colours and materials were selected throughout to create a contemporary and liveable family home.

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